Who We Are

Common Good Alliance is devoted to the conversion of culture through four pillars of social, economic, policy and cultural participation – life, family, freedom and solidarity. We are a virtual community of classical Christian advocates and activists who engage in targeted projects which serve the real Common Good. We do so in collaboration with others who share our convictions concerning the existence and binding authority of the Natural Moral Law as the source and measure of all positive law. Common Good Alliance is recognized as tax exempt under Section 501c4 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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WE affirm the dignity of every human life from conception to natural death and throughout the spectrum of life. All men and women are created in the Image of God and have a fundamental human dignity at every age and stage of life. The Right to Life is the fundamental human right and the foundation of every other human right. Procured abortion is the taking of innocent human life and intrinsically immoral. So is euthanasia, voluntary or involuntary. We support legitimate efforts to ensure that the dignity of every human person lies at the heart of all civil and criminal law and public policy. Our commitment to Life is not a “single issue” but a framework for all of our economic, political, cultural and social participation.



WE affirm that Marriage is solely between one man and one woman, intended for life, open to life and formative of family. This objective truth is revealed by the Natural Moral Law and is cross cultural. We affirm the primacy of the family as the first cell of society, the first church, first school, first hospital, first economy, and the first mediating institution of the social, political and economic order. We affirm that the family is the first government and that all other government must be at its service. We support any effective and constitutionally sound efforts to encourage, empower, and support parents in fulfilling their educational mission and taking their governing role in society.



WE affirm the fundamental vision of human freedom rooted in classical Jewish and Christian thought. Our freedom is a reflection of our having been created in the Image of the God who is its exemplar and source. It must be exercised with reference to choosing the true, the beautiful and the good. Freedom has two sides to its reach: a freedom “from” and a freedom “for” and must be exercised within a moral constitution. Freedom can never grow or flourish in decisions made against God or against the Natural Moral law. Religious Freedom is the first freedom and a fundamental human right, revealed by the Natural Moral Law and protected by the principles of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.



WE affirm we are responsible for one another; we are our brother and sister’s keeper. We have an obligation to the poor, in all of their expressions. Created in the Image of God, we are called into relationship and find human freedom and flourishing in families, social and associational groupings. We serve the real common good and reject any misuse of the phrase as a slogan which rejects its fundamental meaning. We affirm the social ordering principle of subsidiarity which recognizes that charity, social ordering, economics and governance should first occur at the level closest to the family and other mediating associations. Governance or intervention beyond the family and the local communities of interest must defer to those closest to the need and provide assistance, not usurping the proper role of local governing. That principle has application in the social and economic sphere.